Summerside Sea Cadets



Wednesday | May 16

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM



Slemon Park

Summerside Sea Cadets

Looking for a GREAT activity for your 12-18-year-old to do? Worried about the crazy cost of all the other programs out there? Well, you've already paid for this one!!!! It is the only government-funded leadership program and its right in Summerside!! Royal Canadian Sea Cadets is a national youth program sponsored by the Department of National Defense and the Navy League of Canada. The program is offered to all youth in Canada aged 12-18 and is provided at ZERO COST to families. The program provides youth with the opportunity to participate in challenging and fun activities such as sailing, seamanship, pleasure craft operation as well as the ability to travel and participate in International Exchanges to places like Australia, South Korea, Japan, UK etc...
Youth interested in joining, are encouraged to contact 85 Summerside, Commanding Officer at 902-436-8585.
Training is on Wednesday in Slemon Park, starts at 6 pm and ends at 9 pm. This year's training starts September 6th at 6 pm. Note that your child can join at any time during the training year.

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